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Ahead Together 2021

With many years’ experience in assisting clients with Personal Injury cases we are very aware of the challenges posed by brain injury. This is why we are grateful for the opportunity to support Royds Withy King in financing places for healthcare professionals to attend Ahead Together 2021. We are particularly pleased that this year’s event focuses on the implications for families as it is in helping those closest to the victim of a personal injury that much of our work lies.

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Financial planning for

Personal injury clients and trusts

Punter Southall Wealth’s Personal Injury Team has had many years’ specialist experience in this field, working closely with clients, their legal advisers and accountants to help them make the most of a personal injury settlement to meet both the immediate and longer-term needs of the victim. A common challenge of brain injury is to effectively manage an award of damages in order to provide a lifetime of support and help sustain a good quality of life.

Our personal injury clients include those who hold their funds as individuals, those who hold them in Personal Injury Trusts and those whose funds are managed within the Court of Protection.

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Creating clarity from complexity

Punter Southall Wealth is a Chartered financial planning, advice and investment management firm.  Our clients value that we help them get organised, make good financial decisions and achieve a more secure financial future.

We empower our clients by providing clear explanations and expert insights, and build enduring relationships with them that we nurture as their circumstances change and evolve.

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